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Why Choosing Cyprus

Cyprus, in common with most countries, regulates and controls the acquisition and ownership of immovable property by foreigners. The Cyprus legal system is primarily based on its English counterpart. Buying a home in Cyprus is not as complicated as in other countries. As a foreigner wishing to purchase land or property in Cyprus, authorisation is required from the Council of Ministers. The permission of The Council for the 'acquisition of immovable property by non-Cypriots' is obtainable in all bona fide cases, and is granted for residential properties almost as a matter of course.

"AKATHIOTIS" in co-operation with their lawyers can handle all legal formalities on behalf of their purchasers. Alternatively you can appoint your own legal advisers who will look after your interests and guide you through all the stages of acquisition. It should be noted that all properties sold by "AKATHIOTIS" are freehold. Purchasing property in Cyprus requires a contract which is thoroughly checked on your behalf by the local lawyer, whose work includes carrying out searches at the District Land Registry to check the title-deeds, planning permission, road access, water and electricity supplies, so that the eventual transfer of the property and the issue of the title-deed will be free from any hindrance.

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